One thought on “Health Officials Urge White House To Scale Back Plans For COVID-19 Booster Shots

  1. My company manufactures iodine and iodine supplements so I am versed in country of origin in manufacturing a supplement or drug such as vaccines. My concern is not necessarily the vaccine per se. But where the vaccine is manufactured, over 80% of all vaccines and produced outside of the United States. To ensure safety, a country of origin needs to be required. Be it pharmaceuticals, supplements or food. China is one of the largest producers of pharmaceuticals, supplements and food. I will not take the vaccine, I actually have the antibodies, which is far more effective than any vaccine or booster. There have been studies of over 1 million individuals.  Get a test to see if you have the antibodies over 1/3 of the populations has had covid, yes that is a fact.  1 in 3 people have had covid. Regarding the fatalities from covid over 60 years old, there is a concern to consider, over 3 million CPAP machines have been recalled, so how many of those fatalities were using a CPAP. Facts, no one is relying on facts. Iodine solution has been used as an antiviral for 100’s of years, so why recently iodine is not effective. Nothing makes sense.

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